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Express the Essence of Your Brand

Imagine the soothing effect of having a communication tool allowing you to find out if you make the right decisions and why. A Brand Identity Case Study with us is an eye-opening experience. 

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  • Al Prana
    Al Prana

    Al Prana is a PranaFlow Yoga teaching and practice center. To support body and mind harmony, lectures and trainings are also offered by the center.


    The first and simplest visual representation of an organization, product or service is a logo: logotype or image based. Here is a series of logos created for our clients.

  • Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke
    Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke

    Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke is a festive gathering featuring a wide range of performances from around the world. This is a major popular event in the Eastern Townships (QC).


    The first perception of an organization, a product or a service is its name. And the perfect name for your brand exists! Here is a list of brand names created for our clients.

  • Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke
    Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke

    A new film festival is born in Sherbrooke (QC). By presenting films popular in their country of origin, Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke promises to broaden cultural horizons and delight moviegoers.

  • Herbes Orford
    Herbes Orford

    Herbes Orford supports health empowerment through the cultivation of organic herbs and the production of environmentally friendly natural products. Set in a beautiful and attractive landscape, the gardens will allow visitors to follow all the production steps.

  • ScienceMasso

    ScienceMasso is based on a distinct vision: to support the development of massage techniques and skills with optimized video training on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Make My Desk
    Make My Desk

    My home office is My Own Workspace. The way I work, my needs, the look and feel... Why not make it my own, starting with my desk!! I’ve just created the perfect desk for my needs.

  • Goûts d'ici
    Goûts d'ici

    Goûts d’ici (Tastes from here) is a young company from Sherbrooke. It wants to offer a range of baby food made of local quality products without hormones, preservatives or colouring.

  • Sabiduria

    Sabiduria is a book offering a great complicity between text and images to bring readers to contemplation. Inspired by the Mayan land and culture, discover the beauty of the moment.

  • TransAppel

    TransAppel is a regional paratransit company, created and funded by the RCM(QC). It has opened its service to general transportation a few years ago and it wants to promote the use of this service.

  • Festivals du monde
    Festivals du monde

    Festivals du monde makes cultural diversity an element of popular success. Its direct approach and inventive entertainment brings crowds together for festive and immersive events.

  • Les Bois Magnétiques
    Les Bois Magnétiques

    Cabinetmaker & designer Charles Valcourt has created an exclusive Business Card Display based on a magnetic wood invention.

  • Orféa

    Orféa markets products promoting personal growth, enhancement and self-realization in the publishing world.

  • Interactivism

    This young creative company provides social media content development services, as well as referencing and Web identity intelligence by providing businesses a promotion of positive images.

  • Claudine fait des chocolats
    Claudine fait des chocolats

    "Claudine fait des ​​chocolats" offers a generous range of quality homemade products. An artisanal production of delectable chocolates is offered directly from the cook.

  • MayaVentura

    Amusement theme park: A fabulous Mayan archaeological site of Mysteries has been discovered. Your mission is to explore the tortuous maze leading to the discovery of four impressive Mayan universe.

  • Pierre Auger - Real Estate Broker
    Pierre Auger - Real Estate Broker

    Pierre Auger is a real estate broker who turns the search and transaction process of home purchasing into a constructive, simple and efficient experience.

  • Bâtisseurs d'entreprises de coeur
    Bâtisseurs d'entreprises de coeur

    These business management consulting coaches offer services in employee commitment, succession process, growth challenges, mergers and acquisitions. They also publish related literature.



Changing a Name

Is your business name still appropriate? Are there existing trademark conflicts or new negative connotations to your brand? Get the right name.

Merger and Acquisition

With this acquisition, you’ve become the new industry leader. How will you clearly tell the world? How will you merge the new business brand with yours? Avoid confusion: create a new entity.

New Business, New Product

Do you wish to stand out, launch a new product or improve your services? With a Brand Identity Case Study, you can’t go wrong.

Redefining a Brand

Do you need to renew your brand or enter new markets? Or do you need to communicate more clearly or adapt your website content for a mobile application? Redefining a brand requires careful planning.

System Unification

Is your image and the architecture of your organization always consistent? To be well understood, your marketing strategies should be driven by an integrated communication system.


We deliver solutions based on accurate Brand Identity Research to help our customers promote and regulate their products, services and management. Whether you’re designing or expanding your organization, we can help.