1. IDENTITY. A Case Study begins by an in-depth questioning period. Stakeholder interests and issues are examined. Ideas, values and influencing factors are developed or put aside to clarify and define your Brand Personality Profile. The analysis determines its uniqueness, architecture and application strategies.


2. IMAGE. This step is focused on developing the unique expression of a Brand. Based on Brand Personality Profiles, we have developed a communication tool to measure the effectiveness of each creative option. This allows us to meet standards for your Branding with a dynamic accuracy and to manage all elements to come together in a single vision.


3. INTEGRITY. Our Branding Method is based on your Brand Essence. Working this way clearly aligns all actions, communications and strategies. Your company culture becomes distinct, its image crystal clear and its values properly represented. In short, your Brand thrives on true passion.


Our approach consolidates organization attributes, leads to the discovery of clear communicational solutions and helps establish a sustainable reputation. 

With FRANKOY D.A., your product or service stands out. The process is well thought out, the results are reassuring and the impact guaranteed.


Our Services

Branding Case Study: The process begins with defining your Brand Essence

Following an in-depth questioning period, an initial diagnosis allows the setting of broad objectives and options. The customer obtains a tool with which he identifies and which reflects the Brand Quality, in short its essence. This list of relevant indicators supports the development of the Brand Identity.

Brand Architecture: Optimization may come through Brand Merger/Division

Presenting your products in oral and visual order is important. By avoiding dispersion and maximizing your services hierarchy, your marketing becomes more efficient and powerful.

Logo Creation: A logo is the first visual manifestation of identity

Our logos unify the various parts of an organization, and provide immediate recognition and distinction.

Name Creation: An appropriate name has foolproof relevance

Your perfect name exists! Strategic, creative and legal expertise is your best asset. It ensures an evocative, lasting and memorable result.

Tagline Creation: Buzzing and terribly effective, what more do you want?

Taglines that impact and unite rarely appear in a flash. Seducers, they are the result of a meticulous composition.

Art Direction: From idea to image, Brand consistency in all forms

The right artistic vision unifies various components. Faithful to the Brand Image, its design generates the proper emotion. In short, appropriate aesthetics guarantees understanding.

Brand Message: The best ones possess a distinctive voice and a particular tone

Oral and written messages have a vocabulary of their own. No superfluous words. Everything is thought out, consistent and convincing. At one with the Brand Personality, the message is clear, right and memorable.

Customer Experience: Planning, simplifying and making your services an enjoyable experience

Consumers are inundated with choices. All the emotions a client feels before, during and after experiencing your service are important to consider because they have a long-term impact. A happy customer experience may lead to loyalty and referrals.

Event Experience: Optimizing the theme for direct inspiration

To communicate the unique message of your organization and your event objectives, an event needs to have its own specific branding. Events that stand out attract more people and generate a positive and memorable perception.

Personal Brand: To be noticed, understood and recognized

Everyone markets itself. But how does one become a reference? In order to always present yourself in a unique and memorable way, stick with the basics: who are you, what makes you special, and what is your message?

Advertising: Any occasion is an opportunity to be heard and understood

Brand appeal is both internal and external. From company CEOs to the public at large, every communication has a message, written and/or visual. There are hundreds of marketing opportunities every day!

Development Strategies: Capitalize on the process for optimal performance

Brand identity is directly linked to business strategy because it involves the unification of various organization and supply aspects. During a Brand Development Process, multilevel solutions emerge, and lead to accurate rewarding recommendations.

Web and Social Media: My life as a Netizen

As far as priorities go, a website tops the list. It moves at consumer speed. Consumers have also become active participants in the brand building process. How to benefit?


“I’m very proud to have referred François to my colleagues. They were impressed by his professional attitude, his creativity and hard work to meet deadlines. It will always be a great pleasure for me to work with him.”

- C. L., graphic designer NATIONAL BANK FINANCIAL GROUP Testimonials