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COMMENTS / Our Clients’ Words

“It was very interesting to work with you. The name is great! I was at my conference and people thought that I had worked on other projects, as if the name was already familiar. The best was the one who asked me: Oh, Consentia! And how long have you been with them? Really, a nice name!”

- E. L., Director CONSENTIA

“Frankoy is a multidisciplinary artist of a type rarely found on the international market. Imaginative, organized, into everything, he knows how to handle software in order to skillfully communicate content over catchy visuals that transcend passing fashions.”

- F. D., Director/Conceptor LES BLEU POUDRE

“Frankoy is a multi-talented designer. His great creativity, the easiness with which he sees the project and the great quality of his work make him a much appreciated resource. Notwithstanding the fact that he always delivers on time and in budget! To try him is adopt him!”

- L.G., Creative Synergy Director CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

“We’re madly in love with our new logo. With this image, the company seems really reliable and professional. It’s really the way we wanted to go, and it’s wonderful to be able to build right from the start. Thank you for your hard work, we are delighted with the results!”

- V.G. and J.L., Directors ORFEA

“He has succeeded in synthesizing our vision and helped us clarify the distinct personality of our company. With its expert questioning, he extracted out of us the information necessary to communicate the uniqueness of what we’re doing.”


“If you have the opportunity to avail yourself of Frankoy’s services, I’d advise you to follow these three suggestions: 1. Closely examine his portfolio, that way you’ll avoid asking too little of him.   Hold-on to your seat, this creator can take you where you want to go! 2. No, he’s not a punk!   But still…know that at this stage of his career, the man knows all about subtle concepts and energizing graphics: perfect for television! 3. If you find yourself hesitating because you want someone who can deliver for sure… Well, Frankoy has proven to us time and time again that he is a senior Art director capable of driving complete graphic design projects as well as of quickly finding his place in an existing project. Impossible deadlines, multimedia creation, Frankoy is one with contemporary creation, ’nuff said!”

- L. F., Art director MUSIQUE PLUS

“Great creativity, constant quality of design, quickness of creation and execution, good evaluation of the clients’ needs, respect of deadlines, adaptability… to top it off, Frankoy works well in groups… I recommend him highly.”

- P. C., VP Creation FUN KEY STUDIOS

“I’m very proud to have referred François to my colleagues. They were impressed by his professional attitude, his creativity and hard work to meet deadlines. It will always be a great pleasure for me to work with him.”