INTRODUCTION TO BRANDING / Establish the personality of your brand to ensure constant communication


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In order for a brand to have a solid and steady image, one must establish a personality chart. The chart will define a unique way to communicate. Although it will evolve, the brand will neither be diluted nor send conflicting messages. The objective is to maintain a lasting impact with specific parameters.

Here’s how to customize your brand and allow it to remain within communication guidelines.

1. Product Definition

During this first step, write down everything there is to say about your product. What purpose does it have? How is its service defined? What are its advantages and particularities? How different is it from other similar products?

2. Brainstorming

Now, it is time to meet with your team to determine the qualities of your brand. Do not refrain from expressing or challenge emerging ideas. Maintain a good fast pace. Write down all modifiers that come to mind and jump quickly from one to another (e.g., fun, friendly, reliable, positive, helpful, etc.).

3. Selection

Selecting the most appropriate modifiers noted in step 2. Clarify the choice of words. A clear and precise personality of 5 to 10 qualities should emerge. Carefully pace work sessions and work flow to reach a virtually unalterable result.

4. Result

The short list of qualities will measure the effectiveness of all your communication tools.

5. Quality Control

Choose an item previously created for your product (anything dedicated to your brand). From the list, read each quality while asking questions such as: Is this production fun, friendly, reliable, positive and helpful? A certain quality might not be found. In this case, you will know what to do next time. Otherwise, congratulations. It is well-suited to your product.

6. Applications

Now that you have a quality chart, use it to develop new creations (logo, brochure, website, video production, office decoration, product name, press release, or other related materials). To make sure that the style is compatible with the established personality of your brand, compare the concept or the first draft to the list of qualities. Each quality should be reflected. If there are gaps, adjust your work in order to maximize your investment.

I hope this introduction to branding will benefit you. For a more detailed study, do not hesitate to see a specialist.


François Morin, Art director


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