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Bâtisseurs d’entreprises de coeur / Case Study

Bâtisseurs d’entreprises de coeur

Starting point : The clients are starting-up their business. They are two experienced executives who want to offer consulting and coaching services. They also want to publish a series of books. Looking for a name, they are thinking about Entreprise de cœur (Company with a Heart), but they wish to create a new identity as builders of businesses with hearts. They need stationary and a website as well as a book cover design.


Identity : Multiple divisions of services and products complicate the Brand Message. How is it possible to join these disparities?

Image : How is it possible to make a sometimes cold content warm and accessible? How is it possible to transform the relational distance of management models into reassuring and inspiring reports?

Offer : How is it possible to represent all the written and consulting services? How is it possible to assemble them into categories?


Identité : The merging of several separate products and services under one name allows our clients to avoid conflicting messages.

Image : Accessible, round and generous, the simplicity of the logo inspires sincerity. Hearts in the background become a star. As a mandala, they represent unity and success.

Offer : A graphic organization representing the fields of activity and their subcategories is developed to better illustrate the services and publications of the clients.