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Claudine fait des chocolats / Case Study

Claudine fait des chocolats

Starting point: The client wanted to start a homemade chocolate production company. She wanted to put forward a fresh and personal approach to the manufacture and marketing of her products.


Name: Creating a reliable and professional name while giving the impression that the organization behind the production is relaxed and generous; creating a name that will represent product quality while avoiding any reference to large industrial productions.

Image: How to best communicate the sometime contradictory qualities of home-made and professional? How to illustrate a home-made quality product?

Strategy: How best to organize the internal development and expansion of its marketing aspect? How to avoid burnout when you’re the sole worker? And is it possible to provide a professional and reliable service with a small production?


Name: Inserting the owner’s first name in the company’s identity. This personalizes the approach and gives the products a homemade flavor. The name is simple, honest, direct and precise. And that feeling of an accessible relationship to a quality manufacturer puts customers at ease. The name is so personal that it also leaves room for the master chocolatier to manage her production as she sees fit.

Image: An image worthy of master chocolatiers is established. It focuses on product quality. It also suggests traditional approach and personalized service. The name of the products finds equilibrium in a refined design.

Strategy: A management system is designed to help the client start her business in incremental steps, gradually increasing the production’s quality and quantity at a sensible rate. The calculation of production units becomes pivotal in the brand identity.