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Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke / Case Study

Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke

Starting Point: A new film festival is born in Sherbrooke (QC). Its promoters manage the popular Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke (QC) since its creation. Based on a similar accessible and lively multicultural concept, they have developed an international quality film program.



Identity: What personality should be given to this festival for it to stand out of the multitude of film festivals? How can the essence of the brand influence the event programming and design to turn it into a success?

Name: The name should reflect international quality programs. Can we create an alternative to the “International Film Festival” formulation to find a phrasing with its own personality?

Image: The classic cinema symbols tend to lose their effectiveness and accuracy with time. How can we get out of this trap and project a unique and memorable image in the world of film festivals? What trophy could strengthen and empower the branding process and final identity?


Identity: A promise is made, “Movies you’ll love”. A popular event is coming out. Its meticulous annual selection of popular international films will combine real entertainment to the discovery of the “other culture and cinema”. A simple, popular and multicultural identity ensures a strong presence.

Name: It clearly defines the mission of the festival while leaving consecrated name formulas out. The name make the event stand out. It also forms a family of unified brands with its predecessor, the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke and the management company, Festivals du Monde.

Image: A unifying symbol of multifaceted cinema aspects is presented in its purest form : the Circle. Reel, projector, focal point, also a symbol of the planet, unity and vision, this strong unifying symbol is reinforced by its purity. A white logo on black evokes the projection light in movie theaters.