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Festivals du monde / Case Study

Festivals du monde

Starting Point: The team behind the popular Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke decided to create a separate entity to manage a new film festival. This team of multidisciplinary professionals in festival creation and management would like to also offer event design and large-scale management services.



Strategy: How can a newcomer in the field of event creation come out on top? How can a potential conflict of visibility with its own brand family be avoided? How can a team and its stakeholders who have evolved over 16 years under the banner of the Festival des Traditions du monde de Sherbrooke still identify with the organization in the transition? How can they be rallied together?

Name: How can three separate components (past creations, a new festival and a new event management service) be unified? How can employees and stakeholders be regrouped under a new banner and keep the sense of belonging? Should the name be explicitly focused on the event ?

Image: How can the new producer and event designer be made visible without competing with its own present and future events? Is it possible to create an image gathering all its productions and a new consulting dimension?


Strategy: Clearly positioned around events of festival magnitudes, the brand asserts a multicultural character. It allows the team and the public to find a familiar reference, while clearly defining its new creative expertise. The name shortness and its sober treatment reveal a mature organization behind the events it promotes. A brand family emerges immediately with a remarkable synergy.

Name: The name of the brand links the past creations in a new brand family. And, it clearly positions the company at the centre of its expertise: large scale multicultural event production.

Image: Stripped of any frills, the brand is positioned with a comforting, discreet and timeless image working behind the events it designs and produces.