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Goûts d’ici / Case Study

Goûts d’ici

Starting point: A dynamic entrepreneur with a clear vision aims at creating tasty and healthy baby purees of the best possible quality. Positioning them in a highly competitive market is a challenge.


Strategy: How can the purees stand out in a market where products are regularly tagged as “natural” and of “great quality” and mass production is a key advantage?

Name: How can the multiple qualities of an outstanding product be focussed on the care given to taste and crafty production?

Image: How can a competitive professional image be given to a small-scale production, quality and freshness be given when facing a large company? / What image should be given to an identity based on small-scale production, quality and freshness? How is it possible to have a professional competitive image edge amidst multinational companies and their lines of products?


Strategy: The brand finds its main distinction linked to the notion of origin. Products are made locally. A strict crafting specification is developed. It will guarantee food freshness and set taste and nutritional quality standards. Recipes with nonlocal products are eliminated.

Name: This product offers a quality that babies can recognize: its taste. Moreover, it is produced locally and products are extremely fresh. Hard to match, these unique features become the expression. The essential is said. With Goûts d’ici (Tastes from here), a unique quality positioning is ensured. The name could also describe future products.


Image: No additives and only local, fresh and healthy ingredients. Here are two simple and unique components that give a distinctive signature. Each puree is illustrated with the fruits and vegetables composing it. A sweet and clear typography with vibrant colours enhances the craft and authenticity of the product in a clean design.