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Herbes Orford / Case Study

Herbes Orford

Starting point: The clients are herbalists. They cultivate medicinal herbs and create natural products. They wish to create a tourist attraction so that the public may observe the product cultivation and manufacture. At this point, the project name is Nao Gardens.


Name: By including the word “garden” in the name, the company finds itself in competition with major attractions.

Tourist attraction: The gardens are beautiful, but how can the site be made lovely and attractive enough to guarantee success? How can a visitor travel cost and entrance fees be justified?

Products : In an already saturated market, how can the products best be personified?


Name: Putting the products rather than the gardens upfront takes a lot of pressure off the clients. They are not competing with large-scale gardens anymore. The choice is made of a name which can easily be remembered because it incorporates the site location.

Tourist attraction: The concept of the site takes on scope: it will feature an iconic building supporting a living green roof. A particular landscape of herb cultures in wooden boxes in a setting of great beauty will complement the site.

Products: Products have all been renamed. They are now grouped into three categories: food, health and personal care. Product graphics and descriptions will support public education and content transparency.