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Les Bois Magnétiques / Case Study

Les Bois Magnétiques

Starting point: Charles Valcourt is a renowned cabinetmaker. He manufactures several high quality wooden objects, among which a new range of magnetic wood products. He distributes his products in Arts & Crafts shows and wishes to increase his range.


Identity: Should the name of the cabinetmaker prevail over the product name? Should we create multiple entities or unite them all under one brand? Should we create category and product names?

Product: Should all products be equally promoted? Should the magnetic wood invention prevail? Should all magnetic wood products be equally promoted, or just one in particular?

Strategy: The Les Bois Magnétiques (Magnetic Wood) collection sells well when the pieces can physically be seen and touched. How can we sell these objects in other ways than at Arts & Crafts shows? How can we communicate the strength of the product on the Internet?


Identity: The brand name combines two seemingly incompatible words. It stresses the uniqueness of the products and captures the interest. Les Bois Magnétiques (Magnetic Wood) adopts the generic description of what makes it unique. The formulation is elegant, and it corners its category.

Product: We create for the client a new vocation for his magnetic wood object. His presentation will now focus on a single feature item: a unique and original Business Card Display. The display has two vocations: it can decorate a room by simply being a beautiful interior design object and it can be used as promotional support for company or independent contractor identities.

Strategy: By focusing on a single corporate product easily identifiable by consumers, it becomes easy to directly market the display to customers on the Internet as well as through selections of wholesale promotional items. In Arts & Crafts shows, the kiosk name changes to reflect a specific product.