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Make My Desk / Case Study

Make My Desk

The client is an office furniture producer. This project is a new consumer service for retailers. With this web application, users will be able to built a self-designed desk. A national sweepstake (U.S.) will be launched to promote the website to business and home workers. At this phase, the web application is called ‘Create Your Own’. The platform is already well developed.


Name : The original name refers to a possibly exhaustive creative process. On the contrary, the idea is to offer consumers selected options to easily turn parts into the desk of their choice.

Application : Changes must adapt to the existing platform. How will it be possible to make application more dynamic and friendly without going back to the beginning?

Sweepstake : In raising product interest, how can a social media trend be started for users to design their own desk and provoke a word of mouth effect?


Name : ‘Make My Desk’ brings the emphasis on the user experience of putting together a desk, i.e. ‘making one’ as opposed to ‘creating one’. It is a direct and easy brand to remember.

Application : An overall simplification of the user experience is emphasized. A less intrusive information gathering process is chosen. The overall application is now more visual based, hence self-explanatory. To design a simple and user-friendly desk construction application, the buttons are made easily accessible. While maintaining a common user experience, the application is now an independent and integrated solution for the numerous retailer websites.

Sweepstake : The sweepstake appeal is to give a monthly chance to win a self-designed desk. Any user who plays and designs a desk participates in the sweepstake. Sharing the sweepstake on social media will offer them more chances of winning.