Frankoy D.A. | Orféa

Orféa / Case Study


Starting point: Young partners purchased Ella diffusion, which operates in the publishing market specializing in personal growth. They rename it Diffusion Orféa. They need a complete Brand Identity Case Study.


Identity: How can we bring precision and transparency to a brand made of diverse parts? How can the new partnership momentum be maintained while restructuring?

Image: Diffusion Orféa already has a logo. Does it represent the new qualities of the brand? Should it be changed or modified?

Discourse: What is the offer? What are its main ideas? How can its objectives be unified?


Identity: Diffusion Orféa becomes Orféa. The identity then becomes inspiring. A subtitle and a list of services solidify the offer by making sure it is accurate and well understood.

Image: The colours of the new logo create a creative freshness and a subtle feeling of precision and reliability. Tempered by a lettering of refined curves, the image is now a memorable signature.

Discourse: Based on an inspiring approach, the discourse advocates an organized vision of the services. The wording stands out with energy, passion and good taste.