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Pierre Auger – Real Estate Broker / Éude de cas

Pierre Auger – Real Estate Broker

Starting point: The client has skills and experience in insurance, finance and sales. He embarks on a new career as a real estate broker.


Brand Identity: In a highly regulated corporate and customer service culture, how can the client be given a unique identity? How can the overrated image enhancement of a realtor be avoided?

Image: How can the client be visually distinguished from thousands of other ReMax agents? How can the client’s public image be developed in a singular way? How can honesty be visually communicated in a business with many negative perceptions?

Discourse: How can customers be reached in a personal way while making sure the distinct qualities of the client are put forward? How can an opportunistic tone be prevented and a reassuring one be conveyed?


Brand Identity : the full integration of the ReMax brand sets the tone for the overall strategy. Unlike most realtors, Pierre markets his service before himself.

Image : Pierre Auger’s name and trade title receive equal treatment. Thus, the professionalism associated with the ReMax agency is reflected on the person. A fashion professional will be brought in to stylize the broker’s overall presentation.

Discourse : the client’s services are highlighted as professional facilitator. The transfer of his skills enables him to provide customers with a more comprehensive service, always emphasizing accessibility and a positive attitude.