Frankoy D.A. | TransAppel

TransAppel / Case Study


Starting Point: A regional company specialized in paratransit services, created and funded by an RCM in Quebec, has opened up its service to the general public a few years ago. Still too little used, it now wants to promote the use of this service by refreshing its corporate signature.


Identity: A major service is offered by a known and appreciated regional company. Is it possible to refresh its name without confronting its customers and stakeholders? How can two seemingly incompatible kind of clients be seduced?

Positioning: How can it change a community perception it deems outdated and add a public transit service catering to the entire population? How can the brand be made attractive especially to a younger target crowd?

Logo: How can a company offering two services aimed at completely different clienteles be introduced? Is it possible to create a strong and memorable logo in a conservative and crowded transport sector?


Identity: Previously made of two words linked by a dash, the name loses its dash and gets a subtitle stating clearly the dual mission of the company. By focusing on the autonomy provided by the service, rather than a target audience, the idea of accessibility reaches further out.

Positioning: Evocative rather than descriptive, the new signature puts some distance to transportation references by symbolizing freedom to the populations most in demand for mobility in the region.

Logo: The optimistic figure of a bird taking off is based on a modern and clear italic typography inspiring movement. The blue and green combine the traditional and serious aspects of the transportation industry and the social mission of the company.