Frankoy D.A. | L. F., Art director MUSIQUE PLUS

L. F., Art director MUSIQUE PLUS /

L. F., Art director MUSIQUE PLUS

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“If you have the opportunity to avail yourself of Frankoy’s services, I’d advise you to follow these three suggestions: 1. Closely examine his portfolio, that way you’ll avoid asking too little of him.   Hold-on to your seat, this creator can take you where you want to go! 2. No, he’s not a punk!   But still…know that at this stage of his career, the man knows all about subtle concepts and energizing graphics: perfect for television! 3. If you find yourself hesitating because you want someone who can deliver for sure… Well, Frankoy has proven to us time and time again that he is a senior Art director capable of driving complete graphic design projects as well as of quickly finding his place in an existing project. Impossible deadlines, multimedia creation, Frankoy is one with contemporary creation, ’nuff said!”

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